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Solar Power Gate Automation

Solar Powered Gate Automation

“The answer to the most frequently asked question is : YES!”
“Solar power does work in rainy Britain”

AutoGatesUK have been installing solar powered automated gates of all sizes, in all locations throughout the UK, over the last 4 years. The solar panels do not require sunlight as most people assume as we might be in trouble in the UK, were that to be the case. The solar panels simply require daylight that then acts as a ‘charger’ to the battery.

How do solar gate systems work?

In simple terms, we operate an automatic gate using battery power, the battery is charged by the solar panel during all daylight hours. The battery then works the automated gate – day and night.

Because the system we choose to use when using solar power requires far less power than traditional systems – we can, and do, successfully operate automatic gate openers, miles from the nearest traditional power supply.

Each  installation is calculated to operate on the shortest day of the year to the amount of operations required.

Automatic Solar Gate Systems FAQ

Q: What gate system do you choose to use?
A: Depends on the gate size and requirements, Rear arms, Articulated arms, Sliding gate motors and for especially large gates the unique Agriwheel system.

Q: What size gate can we automatically operate?
A: We can operate gates to over 20-foot in length using solar power.

Q: Where does the solar panel have to be mounted?
A: The solar panel needs to face due south.

Q: Does the solar panel need to be next to the gate?
A: No, we can move the solar panel anything up to 80 meters away from the gate; this allows us to find a good South facing location.

Q: What size solar panel do I require?
A: This depends on the answers to the following points; once we have them we can advise you of our recommended solution: For up to 10 operations a small 20 watt  panel can be enough

  • How many times per day do you want to operate the gate, especially in December, January and March?
  • How do you want to operate the gate; apart from remote control do you want push buttons, keypads, intercoms etc.?
  • What is the gate made from, wood or steel?
  • How big is the gate?
  • Is the gate completely filled-in or of an open style?

Q: We have got a traditional power supply near to the gate, but like the idea of using solar power – what is best?
A: We normally find that due to cost, if your power supply is more than 100 to 150 meters away it would be cheaper to use solar power; if your power supply is close-by it is cheaper to use mains chargers.

Q: Have you ever fitted solar panels next to gates that have a power supply?
A; Yes, some customers do choose solar power even when a power supply is next to the gate; they like the principle of an eco-friendly system that costs no money to run.

Q: How do you mount the solar panels?
A: We mount them on wooden or steel posts, high, low, portrait or landscape layout, however the customer wants it.

Q: When does the solar panel not work?
A: The panel will not work during dark hours, thick fog or snow cover.

Q: Is solar power expensive?
A: Initially, yes – due to the up front one-off cost of buying the solar panel. If you have a mains power supply within 100 – 150 meters of the gate location it is cheaper to use that. However, over time and particularly if the location is remote – solar power can soon cost in and can actually save you a fortune.