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Agriwheel solar or mains

The Agriwheel is no longer manufactured but we are still able to source the majority of spare parts and have other options available to repair and maintain existing installations.

Please contact Us for more information on the Agriwheel automatic Solar or Mains powered wheeled gate opening system

The Agriwheel system has many qualities that make it the chosen automatic gate system for lots of satisfied customers. Listed below are just some of its unrivalled features:

Works through power failures: due to working through a battery, power failures just don’t matter; the system will work for up to a hundred times through a power cut.

Solar power: this system really does work using solar power; this is due to its unique operating principles and its very low power consumption.

Low voltage cables: no requirement for dangerous and expensive mains cable to be run to the security gate; we simply fit the charger in an adjacent suitable location and run 12 volts to the automatic gate.

Speed of opening: the wheel system solution opens faster than any other automatic gate system around. This makes it safer to use when entering or exiting a busy road and also gives less time for animals to escape.

Size of gate: we can swing gates up to over 20-foot, no problem; provided that the gate will swing on its hinges this wheel system can open it.

Opens to 180 degrees: there is no limit as to how far the gate will open – apart from the gate its self.

Level of ground: due to the clever suspension system, the wheel system can cope with ground variations of up to 18 inches (450 mm).

If the gate drops: all wooden gates especially will move with the weather; no damage is done to the mechanism due to suspension movement, unlike traditional systems that can be severely damaged.

Locking mechanism: when the automatic gate closes it locks using an electronic solenoid.

Over ride key for the latch.

Over ride key for the wheel.

Towcester based AutoGatesUK are delighted to now be able to offer this unique automatic gate system ‘Agriwheel’ to customers.

The basic design of the system which has been on the market now for 14 years, and has become a firm favorite of a lot of customers.

The principle of this unique automatic gate system is a 12 volt motor working on a moving chassis fixed to the latch end of any single gate, working from the latch end as opposed to all other gate systems that force gates from the hinge end (would you open a door or gate manually from the hinge end, of course not, it would be to hard) it allows us to open bigger gates faster than all traditional systems.

The advantage of this most basic principle is that we can open bigger gates, faster and with far less power than other systems, this allows us to efficiently utilize solar power.

Supplied with a locking mechanism for the closed position, giving you security and convenience.

The motor works on a moving chassis which allows the wheel to follow the contours of the ground over a variance of 14 inches rise and fall, the wheel will work over all surfaces including:

  • Gravel
  • Dirt Tracks
  • Farm Tracks
  • Sand
  • Grass
  • Tarmac
  • Concrete
  • Shingle
  • Cobbles

Designed primarily for large single driveway or farm gates – the wheel system comes into its own on gates of over 10-foot length  either of wood or steel construction, it doesn’t matter.